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PCP Surface Drive Features:

  1. Quick and easy to service stuffing box

  2. Maintenance free braking system. No sprag bearing replacement or breaking pads replacement needed! Save thousands when rebuilding units

  3. Long service life stuffing box seals. Excellent sealing profiles and materials

  4. Forged and high precision ground gear and pinion

  5. Continuous lubricant filtering system, extends bearing and gear life

  6. Built in stand, no extra cost

Three (3) year limited warranty,      

System has been running
24/7 since May 2th 2019

    PC Pump

PCP Drive

Non VFD 60-450rpm Drivehead

Downhole Wireless Pump-off Controller

Forged, high precision ground gear and pinion

250hp Unit Testing at 500rpm, 130KN axial Force

Stuffing Box after running at 550rpm, 500psi sandy water 24/7 10 months

Industry First 250hp
Test Bench

Quality Control on each component

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