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About Us

    Enerdrive Canada Ltd invented the patent-pending maintenance-free braking system. It is the most economical and reliable system in the PCP surface drive market. Unlike shoe braking, caliper-type braking, and expensive low torque turbine-type braking systems, there is no wear-out of transmission chains. There is no need to replace braking pads or caliper pads regularly when rebuilding units. This design dramatically lowers the re-building costs and increases safety features.
    Enerdrive Canada Ltd invests heavily in the test bench. Our units have been tested at the most severe working conditions: 500rpm, sandy water at 500psi, 24/7 continuous running for 10 months, 130kN axial load, ambient temperature at -40 -+30 degrees C, and 24-36 degrees C. All of our prototype units survived.
    Stuffing box sealing materials and sealing profiles are the most important features of this drive design. A quick and easy-to-replace stuffing box is a significant feature of our design. We are committed to bringing our customers the safest and most reliable product in today's market.
    Enerdrive Canada Ltd provides engineering services to optimize PCP drive systems using C-Fer PCP software.
  The second generation long stroke economic hydraulic rod pumping unit (HRP) is mainly designed for high production. It directly competes with Rotaflex,  reliability, efficiency, and services.


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