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Enerdrive Canada Ltd focuses on engineering, manufacturing PCP drives and HRP rod pumping system with 3-year limited warranty. Our patent pending PCP surface drive provides economic, superior and robust features to our customers: 

PCP Drive Head

Main Features:

  • Maintenance-free braking system lasting up to 20 years

  • Quick and easy serviceable stuffing box on site in 15-20 minutes

  • Continuous filtering system extends bearing and gear life by 20%

  • Large heat dispenser fins on gear box housing, no heat build up during long duration of backspins

  • Built-in stand, no extra cost

Main warranty terms:

  • Three(3) year limited warranty HEAVY OIL

Long Stroke High Efficiency Hydraulic Rod Pumping Unit  (L-HRP) Patent Pending

Main Features:

  • Lifetime ram seal leak-free

  • Max PPRL is 60,000 lbs.

  • 4-Pile installation

  • Highly efficient N2 gas counterbalance system

  • Directly compete with the Rotaflex in both reliability and HP consumption.

  • Low maintenance than the Rotaflex

  • Expansive operating windows than Rotaflex

  • Built-in pump-off controller

  • Remote access for trouble-shootings

  • Fully enclosed power unit

  • Ambient temperature -40°C to +40°C

llMain warranty terms:

  • The same warranty terms as the Rotaflex

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